Wednesday, January 4

24 Weeks and Belly Picture

How far along?  24 weeks today
Total weight gain/loss: I broke the sofa. That should tell you something.  
Sleep: Amazing. Not a problem yet. Koa has been sleeping 11 hour stretches.. WHOO HOO!
Best moment this week: Feeling movement! Kicking, punching, twisting.. she moves and grooves. AC was finally able to feel it himself too!
Movement: TONS.
Symptoms: My nose is super stuffy all the time, but other than that I'm doing great!
Food cravings: Sour cream. Is it normal to put sour cream on your pasta?
Food aversions: Just the normal onion and bell pepper. Gender: GIRL! Kennedy Leinani Lou Branco will be here in just 4 short months!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks have already started. YIKES. 
Belly Button in or out? Its out. Seeeeee ya.
What I miss: Being able to hold Bubba without paaaaaaaain.
What I am looking forward to: My next appointment in 6 days and my birthday in 3.
Weekly Wisdom: "Please Lord give me patience for the Bible tells me so." This I learned from Schmidt, and you have to sing it and clap it at the same time. I sing this about 12 times a day and it seems to be working.
Milestones: 6 Months already?! We have so much to do these next four months and so much to look forward to!

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