Wednesday, January 4

24 Weeks and Belly Picture

How far along?  24 weeks today
Total weight gain/loss: I broke the sofa. That should tell you something.  
Sleep: Amazing. Not a problem yet. Koa has been sleeping 11 hour stretches.. WHOO HOO!
Best moment this week: Feeling movement! Kicking, punching, twisting.. she moves and grooves. AC was finally able to feel it himself too!
Movement: TONS.
Symptoms: My nose is super stuffy all the time, but other than that I'm doing great!
Food cravings: Sour cream. Is it normal to put sour cream on your pasta?
Food aversions: Just the normal onion and bell pepper. Gender: GIRL! Kennedy Leinani Lou Branco will be here in just 4 short months!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks have already started. YIKES. 
Belly Button in or out? Its out. Seeeeee ya.
What I miss: Being able to hold Bubba without paaaaaaaain.
What I am looking forward to: My next appointment in 6 days and my birthday in 3.
Weekly Wisdom: "Please Lord give me patience for the Bible tells me so." This I learned from Schmidt, and you have to sing it and clap it at the same time. I sing this about 12 times a day and it seems to be working.
Milestones: 6 Months already?! We have so much to do these next four months and so much to look forward to!

Wednesday, November 2

Spook the laughter right outta ya!

After an awesome shopping trip yesterday... Had to hit up HomeGoods
with my aunt... My cousins were playing with Bubba on the way home in

Saturday, October 29

I bet you didn't know I have a real deal singer in my family.

My cousin Hannah is quite the amazing little singer. She is only a Freshman in high school and has had ZERO singing lessons. None. Nada. She has a natural talent. Which she obviously gets from me. Hahahah jk. She is amazing! She is the fourth one from the right singing the solo. Thats right. Yah heard me... solo. :)

Everyone loves Ellen.

Ellen DeGeneres is probably the funniest most amazing person I've ever seen on TV. I must say she blows Oprah outta the water. By FAR.

I especially love how she always brings the super cool YouTube stars on her show.

And this one seriously blew me away. I LOVE it. Omgosh I have no idea how this little Sophia can even sing this song.

Friday, October 28

Costco chillin.

We made a costco run tonight and decided to buy our dog Tank a new bed.
Bubba thought it was necessary he test it out for him first.

Koa's Big Boy Bedroom Inspiration

  1. DIY scoreboard in the making.
  2. Chalkboard picture frames.
  3. LOVE this 1st, 2nd, 3rd chest for Koa's goodies. 
  4. Deep red dresser, DIY project coming up.  
  5. Baseball lamp shade.
  6. Old School personalized pennants. Um, these look extremely easy to do yourself, but Pottery Barn is selling these bad boys for $59 each. RIDICULOUS. Be ready for a tutorial post.  
Bedroom reveal to come soon!

Deep breath in..


Whenever I want you all I have to do is listen to the Everly Brothers and just SIGH. and raise my eyebrows with such a soft look in my eyes with a soft sway of my head side to side... And I am doing it right now. Geeeeeeeeeee wiz I tell ya.

That is the theme song of my life right now. Because I am dreaming of the Canon Rebel T2i.

This beauty.

But I am also dreaming of this beauty as well. The Nikon D5100.

I want blurry background pictures. Thats all. Thats all I need. Blurry backgrounds.
And gee wiz is going to be a new part of my vocabulary. Its quite the fun thing to say. 

I can't decide which one to go with here people! I am stuck.
I hope The Everly Brothers makes you sigh the same soft sigh of mine.

Photo of the Day

Well this is really a photo from last night but I just had to share
because bubba is just so darn cute.

Thursday, October 27

Stanley Lane Pumpkin Patch

Few more pictures from the Pumpkin Patch.
He was very much enjoying the DumDum lollipop while riding in the wagon.

Belly Picture (and Bubba)

How far along? 14 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: Ugh. Is this really necessary? 11 lbs. yep. Bring on the rain.
Sleep: All night long. We are very very lucky that our Bubba sleeps through the entire night. We are talking 9:00pm - 10:00am without a peep.

Best moment this week: Well, we had our NT ultrasound at the beginning of last week and the tech gave me some very exciting opinions on the gender, which I will wait to share until our gender reveal party. And this week, we were able to hear the heartbeat again. I think it sounds preeeeeeettttyyyyyy fast. :)
Movement: None as of yet. With Bubba I didn't feel a thing until I was about 18/19 weeks.
Symptoms: OMG. Headaches are new this time around, low back pain.. and morning/day/night sickness was a big winner.
Symptoms I DON'T have: The morning/day sickness has subsided.. just waiting to start feeling chipper at night.
Food cravings: Iced tea, and for a while there corn dogs, which is absolutely radiculitis. (that ones for you Jess)
Food aversions: COFFEE.. I LOVE coffee and anyone who really knows me, knows that Starbucks gets the better half of my wallet... the half with all the money in it. Not anymore. Seeeeeeee ya. I have finally been able to drink just brewed coffee in the early AM, but my days of white chocolate mocha and vanilla delicious lattes are long gone.
Gender: Unknown, but keep your fingers crossed for a little Kennedy Lou!
Labor Signs: Nada.
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: My 500 calorie coffee drinks, but at least I'm saving those calories for something else, I mean I have gained 11 lbs already.
What I am looking forward to: The gender ultrasound! Its taking so long. I have no patience. None.  
Weekly Wisdom: Don't laugh when your child hits you with his plastic golf club. It only makes him do it again. It has nothing to do with my pregnancy, but this one I learned last night so I have to share.
Milestones: The huge belly bump that seems to be popping out so much more quickly this time. I already look as if I'm 4/5 months! Thank you corn dogs.